Sunday, September 9, 2012

Yield Not To Temptation

Praying on a regular basis for the things that tempt you allows God to strengthen you in your weak areas.

I pray daily about "my mouth", because this is a weak area for me. Since I know this is an area of  weakness for me I pray daily about people and things that will easily tempt me in the this area. I know my weakness, and so I dont wait unitl Im in the middle of a situation to start praying. I pray ahead of time asking God that when this tempation comes, He will give me strength to not buy into the temptation.

The workplace is a good example for  praying ahead. Its where most of us spend a large percentage of our day. Its also where many people come to complain about their issues and problems. I am usually the person who feels sorry for everyone and so I am easily suckered into their pitty-party, even when I dont feel the way they do.  But because this person is going through, I either voice my opinion about the situation or get caught up in it as if its my problem ( when its clearly not). I also have a "tone" issue when it comes to my mouth. I think this comes from my grandmother, who's tone of voice sounds, firm & stern even when she's praising you. So I pray about perception, tone, and my words before I speak.

My daily prayer is that God allows me to be a light where ever I go no matter what I am doing. I pray for peace and happiness  in my heart that will calm negativity and help others see the good instead of the negative going on around them.

Another good way to avoid temptation is to start praying the minute someone brings negativity to you. The second they start talking negatively, start praying in your mind that they will speak love, life, and peace ( this totally works!)

When I am not prayed up or have not spend time with God I run into issue after issue. But when I ARM myself daily, its amazing how perfect the day goes.

Spend time with God on a regular basis.

" Yeild Not To Temptation"

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