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Quiet Time- His Way

Spiritual Workout For the Soul
Ok brothers, if you are striving to be a "Kingdom Man", I challenge you to join me daily in what I like to call a Spiritual Workout for the Soul. The Spiritual Workout consist of spending time daily reading  and studying the word of GOD. Here is the Work out plan.

Workout Schedule:  Daily. Setting: A quite place away from any distractions so you can focus on the words of your personal trainer, GOD.

 Workout Resources: Bible, notebook, and a pen.

Notebook-  Keep track of your daily workout. Write down what you learn during your daily sessions, and how you are going to use your new knowledge and understanding to help someone else. 

 Daily Prayer : (Recite prayer before starting your daily study) Heavenly Father, I thank you for being God, and God alone. As I partake in this journey to get closer to you through your word, give me the patience and the strength to stand strong. Open my ears and my heart so that your words can penetrate my soul, so that I am locked and loaded, and prepared for spiritual warfare. Amen

Mr. TeamAnthony

Quiet Time- Her Way
Six months ago I was introduced to a term coined "Quiet Time" that  has changed my family's life in major ways.

Before January 2012 I had never heard of the phrase  "Quiet Time" much less knew the meaning of it.

 If you are not familiar with "Quiet Time" a brief description of it is defined as, uninterupted time in prayer, bible reading, bible studying, worship and praise with God in the privacy of your home or where ever you get the most private time.

I will admitt before starting "QuietTime", time spent with God was what I did on Sundays and Wednesdays at church. I had no idea that I could actually be with God, spend uninterupted personal time with Him and enjoy His presence before the Sunday worship experience. I cant say that my lack of knowledge in how to spend time with God had anything to do with my not knowing Him, or desire to, but more of a lack of exposure on how to do it?

What I learned a few months ago has changed my persepctive on life. I spend this time with GOD daily, early in the morning before anyone else is awake and it has proven to be the determining factor of how the course of my day and the events in it will turn out.

In the bible many godly men and women rose early to meet with God.
Abraham- Gensis 19:27
Moses- Exodus 34:4
Job- Job 1:5
 Hannah -1Samuel 1:19
Jacob- Genesis 28:18
David- Psalms 5:3, 57:7-8

 Being in the presence of GOD is mind blowing. As I introduce my way of spending time with Christ, my hope and my prayer is that through all the steps given you realize there is no right or wrong way to do it, no rule or law,  but GOD is simply saying is.....


Mrs. TeamAnthony


  1. Summer is here and I cannot say how excited I am to see it….. Ending my 4th year of education, the anticipation of lazy days, sleeping in, and getting out of town has always been the highlight of my summer break. But I expect this year to be much different; “well maybe not the sleeping in part”; but there are some big changes.
    I am more excited about spending time with God than ever before. When I think about the time, I get to be alone with Jesus my heart smiles.
    This year has come with its share of ups,, downs, heartaches, and pains, but through them all I am so grateful, for it all. Ive learned that spending time with God daily eliminates most of my problems. Not that my problems have all gone away, but my perspective on what I allow to bother me has changed drastically. The more time I spend with God, the more, peace, joy, understanding, and clarity I have.
    I have grown so much because of the test God continues to set before me, and instead of running from them, I welcome the challenges, because I too want to see what my “outcome” will be….. Although I stumble and fall, the lessons I learn on the way, may it all worth it.
    This summer, I challenge all my educator friends and counterparts, with so much time on our hands for the next 3 months, to find time, carve out time in your schedules to have crazy QuietTime with God this summer. I promise you it will be life changing.

    On that note, I am about to get into some serious trouble, ordering new study bibles, and books to read this summer, shhhhh don’t tell Mr. Anthony.

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