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Welcome to “Wife Life"
 A place where wives and those who pray to one day become a wife, can come and receive biblical teachings, biblical advice, and understanding on their purpose as a wife. When I married my husband almost 9 years ago I had no idea what it meant to be a wife, yet alone a Godly wife. I was going through the motions, playing the "fake it til you make it" game and pretending to live a life I saw others living, hoping I would catch on and get it right. Eight in half years later, I can’t say I have it all right, but I do understand what it takes to get there. As we share with each other marital and single test and trials to getting there, it is my prayer that each of us will be open, honest and helpful to one another as we seek out God's purpose for "The Wife".

Welcome To "Wife Life"


  1. So ladies, when you got married what was your reason? Was your husband your high school sweetheart? Did you always envision yourself being a wife? Or did you pray earnestly for God to send you someone you would spend the rest of your life with? WIFE LIFE would like to hear your story…

    As a young girl, I never played dress up or stood in the mirror and imagined what I wanted my “one day husband” to look like. I had actually made a pack with some friends that we would never get married and would just live a good ole’ single life. Hah! Well when reality finally hit that I actually liked companionship and the idea of having someone around full-time being married was not such a bad, I imagined a man who would cater to ALL my needs and do whatever my BIG heart desired…..
    Almost 9 years later, I’ve awakened from that fairy tale and realized no marriage and no man is designed in the image we create in our minds. As women we tend to want our men to live up to what we think they should be, although we may not put ourselves on a pedestal we tend to see ourselves as less wrong than the other person and so of course they must need some changing. Unfortunately this is one of the biggest lies we fall into and create in our marriages. God’s design and purpose for marriage has nothing to do withour little preconceived ideals of marriage but everything to do with His will to meet our needs and our spouse all to give Him glory!
    So tell us….. WHY DID YOU GET MARRIED?

    1. If your spouse isnt all there and their walk with God is still a work in progress it can be hard and frustrating. But I encourage you to win them over with a quiet & gentle spirit. Cling to God and believe the best. Even when they act a fool and are wronger than 2 left shoes, cook him/her breakfast and ask if they need.anything else. I PROMISE it works. Get Quiet before God and ask Him to help you deal with the issues in your marriage. God created your husband/wife and He knows way better than you how your spouse functions. He can give you inside help on how to use wisdom and pursue peace in your home.