Meet The Team

We are Ron and Tasha Anthony and we're excited you are here.
Cameron & Mason's mom and dad, educators,writers, teachers, friends, but more importantly, lovers of a great GOD.
When we married 8 1/2 years ago there were very few christian couples we could call friends; but since that time we have watched our foundation blossom through christian friends and godly couples who were able to give us advice, friendship and a true understanding of marriage. We pray this blog will give those of you in search of purpose for marriage, an understanding of why God created it and how saying God is in the center of your marriage, and living that way are two entirely different things.
People need GOD. Not just church but GOD, not just nightly prayer, but GOD.
We recognize that we need GOD like we need the air we breathe. Journey with us as we go after Him in our lives and in our marriage like nothing we've ever been taught, nothing we've ever seen before.

Welcome to TeamAnthony "Serving God On Purpose"

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