Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Grant me the desires of YOUR Heart

I am in awe of Jesus daily, my life was in such disarray  trying to keep up with the lives of others, asking God for things instead of asking Him MY PURPOSE. But  I'm so thankful that  because He is who His, He "still" grants us the desires of "our" hearts, even when our desires are not what He wants for us.

What do we do when God grants us the desires of "others"? Sometimes we exceed in it but we're not happy doing it, then other times we fail at it and wonder why. 
Usually because it was never ours in the first place. It was someone else's, goals, desire, dream, career, marriage, or blessing from God, and we were too caught up in wanting  "theirs" to ask Him  for our own blessing.
Wanting a great life, a throbbing career, healthy;happy kids, a nice home, a fancy car, a committed spouse are all great things, that God genuinely wants to give us, but at what expense do we want them? For what purpose?

In 1 Chronicles, Jabez prays a prayer and ask God not just to bless Him, but that He would "bless Him indeed" ( meaning bless Him a lot).
God wants to give us these types of blessings, but not for the self righteous purposes, that we use them for. He wants to bless your business, " if you're doing business God's way"; God wants to enlarge your territory, not just giving you a new house to lounge in and gloat about, but a new home to open up to those in need, a home that is inviting and used for His glory.
If we want to be promoted or in charge on our jobs so that we can be more controlling and insensitive of other people, what's the point of Him blessing that?

Your job; your business are the territories God has entrusted in you as a significant opportunity to touch individual lives, and the people you come in contact with for His glory.
If you want God's blessings on your life, use your blessings to be an influence on your job, in your home,  and with your friends. You don't have to preach and teach everywhere you go, just be the "LIGHT". Be the difference God intended you to be.
I don't just want a large home, a higher position, best friends, a good spouse & great kids; I want more INFLUENCE, more RESPONSIBILITY, more OPPORTUNITY, to make a mark for God.
You can't ask for God's best, but use them for satan' glory.
God wants to know that when He blesses you, those blessings  will be used for HIS glory, and HIS alone.

"When you are moving in God's direction, you start praying for God's desires and His perfect will for your life"

#God grant me the desires of YOUR heart#

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