Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Welcome Back,Welcome Back, Welcome Back!

For about a month now I've had the opportunity to pull away from social media, phone calls, social settings and some of life greatest distractions.

During this time I have been able to hear God speak like nothing I've ever experienced before. Now before I continue let me explain something because if you are like me, a person who has heard other people say, " God said this or God spoke to me on that," then you too have wondered, " how do they know that its God?"

Well having fully experienced this now, let me explain... When God speaks to me its not a loud scary voice I hear saying
" Tasha this is God"; its not something that happends to me by conincident either, its so much more.
Its picking up my bible and reading a passage with understanding so clearly that it literally answers the questions I'd been asking. Its having a conversation with someone and they give you sound advice or information on the direct thing you needed before you even mention the need. Sometimes its just a thought that you know, that you know, that you know; has come directly and only from Him alone. Bottom line, its the moment you realize you've come in contact with God my friends what a moment it is.

So throughout the past weeks, I've been enjoying quiet time on my patio, before the Texas heat runs me back inside. Ive had lazy afternoons on the sofa reading and filling up on God, away from things that so often keep me from Him. Its been amazing .

In a society and culture filled with so many distractions of work, families, friends, social media, social clubs, relationships, children, activities, etc, it's so necessary to break away from it all in order to feel and hear from God.

But now that we have had our time away, Chris and I are refreshed, refilled and excited about sharing God with you. As we bring honesty, real life, and a hunger after God's heart, we pray you will journey with us as we continue to
 " Serve God with Purpose".


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