Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Her Purpose

Ever wonder why God placed you here? Do you ever think why me? Why not me? Or when will it be me? Well, you're not alone. We all have questioned, wondered and sat up at night asking God why. I do not have all the answers or a secret recipe to your specific purpose, but I want to share with you what I discovered about my purpose while searching after God. Daily we wake up seeking to find what God has already written in His word as our manual for life. Our core purpose of being on earth is to seek a relationship with Christ and once we establish that relationship, share it with others so that they may seek Him too. The bible is open and given to us freely to help find balance in the midst of our hectic, fast paced life. For me it has become the only constant source that truly sheds light on all of my life situations. Find your purpose,by starting a life in Christ today! Mrs.TeamAnthony

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