Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Teach Me How To Love

 As I travel this love journey each day, my prayer is the same, “Lord teach me what real love is and make me a loving person”.  Love is a word we use so lightly, but yet so many of us including myself have no idea what it means to truly love someone. I believe the only way to experience love in its real state is to first learn to Love Jesus before any one and anything else.
I know we all say, “I Love God, I know Jesus, and just because I don’t go to church like most, don’t read the bible and pray or mediate daily, or tell everybody I know about Jesus, doesn’t mean I don’t Love Him.
We’ll I guess that means if I came home to “hot chocolate” every now and again or text him a few times a month but never mentioned him to anyone, he would just know that I Loved him and you all would just by osmosis know that we were in a relationship. (Yeah Ok)
 I talk about my husband because he is an eminent part of my life. I talk about Jesus in greater lengths because He is above everything and everyone else what my heart desires daily. He is the most important part of my life.
I don’t share  my love for God for show, or praise I share my love for Him in hopes that someone else will seek an intimate relationship with Him and become bold enough to shout it out loud, so that others around them will seek Him too.
As I pray this daily prayer, I become more confident that LOVE works and that it is the most powerful motivator and greater depth than anything we can imagine. We are born with a lifelong thirst for Love; our hearts desperately need it like our lungs need oxygen.
Love inspires us to become patient, it changes our motivation for living, and it helps us extend that same Love to others around us.
We can continue to walk around saying I love God, He knows my heart, I give to people, I am a good person, thinking that this type of on again, off again affair is a true relationship with God or we can get serious about what the bible clearly says our purpose is on earth, which is to be made in the image and likeness of God (Genesis 1:27), having  the ability to know God—and therefore love Him, worship Him, serve Him, and fellowship with Him.  Our job is to seek His will for our lives by picking up your bible and reading what He says we are here to do and then become obedient in doing so. This ultimately gives Him glory.
Love is the essential ingredient to every relationship, especially the one we create with GOD!

Let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God. 1 John 4:7

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