Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Rhema Word

Married people are always talking about how great married life is, and how blessed they are to have been sent a man of God. Well I never want to be one of those married people who only give the GOOD and never share the UGLY. My husband and I are not always on the same page, and after 8 years of marriage we are still working on lines of communication. There are times when we have what we like to call "Heated Fellowship". It’s an argument, (but not really) because no one is talking. Last evening was one of our heated fellowship moments and I was “HAUGHT” with this brother, I had gotten mute, only talking to him when deemed necessary and usually only about the day to day things, (work, kids, home, etc.)
 Well this morning after having quiet time, a small voice said, "you know you're being petty and he's not a mind reader", my inner self thought, "Well he should be" but my outer knew exactly what God was saying to me... “Tasha, let it go, and let it go now, it’s just not that serious.” Many people think they have never heard from God or never been able to recognize his voice, when the truth is, we hear it daily, and we hear it often. It’s called a   “Rhema Word”, the moment when God speaks loud and clear to you and your specific circumstance. As I grow with God I am learning that He will speak to us in every situation we are in; we just have to be obedient to listen and act. So in saying all that, “hot chocolate” and I severed our ties at the gas station while he pumped my gas this morning and I am looking forward to spending a quiet evening with him tonight. We aren’t “the perfect couple” by any means, but we are lovers after God’s own heart and image.

Spend time with God and watch Him speak into your life and your situations.

Mrs. Team Anthony

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